Projects I'm involved with Job Search Engine

99% of all my creative genius goes into the greatest job search engine on the internet - I started at JobDig, LinkUp's parent company, back in 2005. Since then, its become the core focus of my job, traffic has gone from nothing to over 40,000 hits per day, from 500 jobs to 750,000, and from an ugly-duck to a beautiful swan. Yes, I made that comparison. It is awesome. And if you know anyone looking for a job - tell them about it!

Minnesota Daily Alumni Association

I proudly coded for the University of Minnesota Newspaper - Minnesota Daily for 4 years, and am a happy member of the Minnesota Daily Alumni Association. I run the server and do the back-end needs for the website, and help out with the front-end design whenever they want/need help.

Flexigrid - jQuery Plugins

Flexigrid is a GPL-project, hosted on, that takes a standard table and makes it look like a spreadsheet. It has tons of features, a very active community, incredibly fast and easy to customize. For anyone looking for a nice, cross-platform way to present data in a intelligent format, Flexigrid is a great solution for you.

Font Finder - Firefox Add-on for analyzing font elements on a site

I was surprised that there wasn't an existing tool for Firefox to let me know what font is actually being used in a website. Sure you can look at the DOM, but that shows the font-family, not the actual font that is shown. So I happily adopted the existing Font Finder add-on, and added many more features (e.g. highlight-to-analyze, copy settings to clipboard, inline adjustments, statusbar integration). You should learn more and download it, it is great!

Going in the same routes as Planet MySQL, Planet JobHunt is a centralized location that aggregates the best (IMHO) blogs that are related to jobseeking. It aggregates via RSS, and also auto-tweets new findings. There is a lot of jobseeking advice out there, and this is my effort to make it easier to digest.


Geo2City is a PHP function that takes in one-or-more geo-location (in decimal latitude and longitude format) and returns the nearest city(s) in either an array, JSON or XML.

It isn't a drop-in replacement for production-level location-recognition needs, but should provide a good starting-point for people wanting to learn the math behind lat/long recognition, optimization technqiues, and also how APC and Memcache work. Learn more and download from GitHub.

Open Resumes

I'm incredibly passionate about the idea of a unified format, which is decentralized, that all resumes conform to and all systems (from Word to Taleo to Monster) recognize.

I just don't have the money or resources yet to pursue it, so it is officially back-burnered.

Open Flash Chart

Open Flash Chart (OFC) is an open-source project that reads in data from JSON and generates very pretty graphs. Though the project is still heavily used, the core programmers have jointly agreed that this project is an outdated solution, and that HTML5 and CSS3 will certainly be the next technologies that will meet this need.

Good replacements for this are Google Charts, or (for self-hosted needs) PlotKit (which is BSD-licensed).

Minnesota Grape Growers Associations

I was happy to work with the MGGA and organize their website to be fully within WordPress. They're still very active, and everyone should certainly try a Minnesota-grown grape/wine (there are lots of good options at the State Fair). But I've parted ways from them and wish them nothing but the best.

Refresh Twin Cities

Refresh Twin Cities was started to try and bring a local chapter to the Refreshing Cities movement. Though a great idea, and well received, there are already so many great groups meeting in the Minneapolis-area that this was filling a need that just wasn't there.