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What would you like to know? The home page covers the basic gist of why this site exists, and LinkedIn is the closest I'll get to publicly posting a résumé online.

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My [Short Form] Biography

I grew up in Marshall, MN and did all the typical small town things. I vaguely remember showing the typing teacher how to copy/paste on a black & yellow computer display. At one point my science teacher figured a simpler way to keep me from using the school's dial-up internet was ask me to make him a class webpage. I haven't stopped programming since (and you can see one of my early websites on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine). Working at the fantastic NetPoint gave me a fantastic crash course in every computer-related aspect a young nerd could dream of.

I went the the University of Minnesota, and although I have a Computer Science degree the majority of my education came from the Minnesota Daily Newspaper. I learned how to manage projects, budgets, people and serve the customers. I also met some great friends and met my wife there. But I'm not biased. The Daily is incredibly awesome.

From there I worked for a while at a web agency, and learned my heart got too attached to individual companies that it wasn't the path for me. I went to the fantastic JobDig/LinkUp and learned a ton. It was my first introduction to cloud computing, HR technologies, working with offshore labor, and where I really became immersed in the Minnesota technology commuinty. The people at LinkUp were and are amazing, and I'm still a big fan of their work. I also still have a strong passion for the complexity of recruiting - from finding candidates to interviewing to onboarding.

About the time my oldest son was born, I had the opportunity to work with Doug Berg on some startup ideas he wanted to incubate. The one that really took off was TrackIf (now called MyAlerts). I learned a lot about the early-stage VC scene, found the power that comes from an API-centric designed, and met a lot of great people in many different capacities.

Now I'm at Best Buy, and given how much of my childhood money was spent there it was probably inevitable. I wrote a blog post when I joined, and I'm continuing to have a great time. In both obvious & unexpected ways, it is both similar and different to the startups that comprise my background. If you'd like to stay abreast of what I'm doing at Best Buy, watching the Best Buy Developer Blog is the best source of information.

If you'd like to know more, you should check out my interests or just ask.