This is Eric Caron's digital center.

Welcome to the central repository for [most] things that Eric wants to talk about. Minnesota, APIs, products, recruiting, open source, and probably my family.

Who I Am

I'm a technologist in Minnesota. I love my family and strongly believe in giving back to the community. I've worked in startups and I'm currently managing APIs at Best Buy.

At the core of it all, I love demystifying technology and making it approachable to everyone. I've been lucky enough to keep having jobs where I get to learn about the business, listen to the customer, and imagine ways to serve both.

Why This Site

There are a lot of places on the internet where I have content, and I wanted to organize them. From public talks about product management, to open source projects, to bookmarks about my favorite tools for recruiting, I wanted to consolidate that material so it would always be easy to find.

What I'll Cover

Things that I'll talk about (in no particular order and certainly not all-inclusive): Programming, managing, food, Eden Prairie, open source, hiring, WordPress, email, Minnesota, APIs, family, Hacker News. I probably won't talk about politics or religion, but you're always welcome to ask.

Headshot of Eric Caron

My Current Projects

Hue Website Nightlights

I wrote this application to power the nightlight in my son's bedroom. It uses a Raspberry Pi and Philips Hue, giving him a button on his bed to turn on the nightlight. Features include a web-interface to control time-of-day colors, activity log, and timer for auto shut-off.

Node.js Bandwidth Tester

Tired of debugging bandwidth issues for family & friends, I wrote this tiny application to measure download speeds and latency. It then logs that information on a remote server for diagnostic purposes. The hardware involed is under $10, and small enough to plug into the back of a modem/router without becoming an eye sore.

My Recent Articles & Talks

At API World in September 2016, I gave a brief 20 minute talk about the history of Best Buy's API platform. I dove into some things that went wrong, and what lessons we learned from it. Along the way I also got nerdy on my Keynote presentation skills, but that was just a gift for me.

I'm a big fan of the Open API Initiative (formerly known as Swagger). I'm also a fan of clear documentation and having easy-to-consume APIs. Yet when it comes to offering an API with search capabilities, there's no good solution in the market to document search functionality. In this article, I dive into the problem space and look for solutions.

I have a computer science background, and the closest I ever got to hardware was plugging RAM into a motherboard. In building my child's nightlight, I leveraged the Hacking Amazon's $5 Dash Button to order Domino's Pizza functionality to make my system work. But it never worked that great (not everything was meant to be hacked). So I dusted off my soldering iron and learned how to use it right, and the result was very satisfying & empowering.