This is Eric Caron's digital center.

Welcome to the central repository for [most] things that Eric wants to talk about. Minnesota, coffee, APIs, products, recruiting, open source, and probably my family.

Who I Am

I'm a technologist in Minnesota. I love my family and strongly believe in giving back to the community. I've worked in startups and big corporations (Best Buy). I'm currently Sr. Director of Customer Applications at Caribou Coffee, where I'm responsible for making sure every customer has a fantastic digital experience.

At the core of it all, I love demystifying technology and making it approachable to everyone. I've been lucky enough to keep having jobs where I get to learn about the business, listen to the customer, and imagine ways to serve both.

Why This Site

There are a lot of places on the internet where I have content, and I wanted to organize them. From public talks about product management, to open source projects, to bookmarks about my favorite tools for recruiting, I wanted to consolidate that material so it would always be easy to find.

What I'll Cover

Things that I'll talk about (in no particular order and certainly not all-inclusive): Programming, managing, food, Eden Prairie, open source, hiring, WordPress, email, Minnesota, APIs, family, Hacker News. I probably won't talk about politics or religion, but you're always welcome to ask.

Headshot of Eric Caron

My Current Projects

Smart Nightlight Manager

I wrote this application to power the nightlight in my son's bedroom. It now powers a dozen lights throughout my house, and it uses a Raspberry Pi and Philips Hue, to turn on/off the lights & set colors. Features include a web-interface to control time-of-day colors, activity log, and timer for auto shut-off.

WaterRower Game

This is a simple NodeJS application that connects to a WaterRower (with the S4 module) and creates charts & games that can be accessed by any web browser.

My Recent Articles & Talks

In December 2019 I wrote again for CIOReview. This time I weighed in on the nuances of taking a team using waterfall methologies & enabling them to benefit from the Agile - without having to swap methods altogether.

In May 2019 I wrote an article for CIOReview. I took this opportunity to remind technology leaders that nobody has to have a mobile app, and if they aren't proud of it then they should sunset it.

In July 2017 I was invited to give a talk at Mobilize MN. I gave my POV on the state of mobile applications, and presented some best practices that I believe serve customers and companies.

We spend a lot of time judging company's based on what their website says with words & pictures. Here I make the argument, similar to a nerdy version of "Good To Great", that advocates for assessing companies based on the way they assemble & serve the website itself.

In March 2017 I gave a talk at Minnebar to describe how companies can learn from open source, improve internal efficiency, and get started on the path to open sourcing their own code.